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Exciting Changes!

So you may notice that the soap, body bar and body scrub shops have disappeared. They will be back! The reason for this is that Soapernatural is undergoing a "range change." This means I am running down the old range and stocking up with the new. Soapernatural's winning ingredients are still the same, and still cruelty free, but I am just changing some scents and themes. Some old favourites will still remain, but there will be some new soaps to try. This is quite an involved process, trying new scents, colours and styles, and then if I like them, seeing how they do at the market to gauge people's reactions to them. The ones that make the final cut then have to be made in earnest to get the stock up.

It will be worth it when it's done. It is all part of Soapernatural's ethos, to keep inspired and try new and groovie things!

Something else has changed . . . . I am now supplying to stockists. After being approached by a couple of shops, I decided that this would be a great thing for Soapernatural to do. A way of reaching people that don't make it to the markets in Queenstown. I only have a few stockists at the moment but I hope to increase this number when my new range is sorted and I have built up sufficient stock. So who are my stockists?

Precious Moments - Invercargill
Frayd Ejez - Bluff
Athol Valley Farm Shop - Athol

I am also pleased to announce that Eichardt's Private Hotel in Queenstown is now stocking Soapernatural soap for its guests in its rooms!! So if you are lucky enough to stay there for a night or two, you will find a little bar of Soapernatural soap for your enjoyment!

Hopefully the soap shop will be back bolder and more beautiful soon. In the meantime, if you are desperate for any of my products, then please give me a ring and I am sure I will be able to help you :)

New, simpler packaging!

Don't be surprised when next you purchase one of my gorgeous body butters if you find the packaging somewhat different!

I have decided to adopt a simpler method for presenting my body butter bars and am letting go of the black recycled boxes. While these are gorgeous boxes and a great way of packing the bars, it is quite expensive shipping the boxes over from the US. With coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter prices always on the rise, I like to keep my prices reasonable and try not to pass on increases to my customers. By wrapping my body bars in greaseproof/baking paper, I can keep the price of them where it is.
The product is the same, gorgeous body quenching butters but the packaging is more rustic. I always advise customers to wrap their body butters in this paper, so why not do it for them!
Rustic, yes! Better for the environment, yes! Economical, yes!
Nothing has been lost! I feel we are often too fussed with packaging, which just gets thrown away. So I hope you embrace the new way I am packaging my gorgeous bars and feel good that we are lessening our impact on landfill sites.


Soapernatural is evolving . . . Owing to family and also commitments to other projects (i.e. all my writing ones), soapernatural is going to be downsizing. Soapernatural will consist of two products (the most popular), being soap and body butters. Soap is the heart of soapernatural and the body butters are just too fantastic, and I know a lot of people rely on both of these groovie skin nourishers.
As it goes I still have plenty of lip balms and body scrubs available, but when the last of these have been sold, they will be no more . . . . Hey, when soapernatural started, I started with soap and body butters and so I am just going back to the way it was! All these things will be primarily available from my website and also at limited markets, i.e. the biggies! I will always announce which markets I will be taking my soap along to. So that's the update! Thank you all for your continuing support and keep it natural!

Back and Boutique!


What a year 2012 was! As many of you may know I had my beautiful baby girl, Ruby, last October and so I put the Soapernatural website "under construction" to give myself some breathing space, so I could concentrate on looking after my little girl.

Now its time to get the website back up and running, but you may notice some changes. These changes are to help me keep on top of things while looking after my baby. So I have reduced my product range, and in some cases reduced product variety (i.e. in terms of scent . . . less choice). I have kept the "best sellers," and removed the others that are not so popular.

All my stuff is still as fab as always but I need to cut things down to favorites and must haves. Over the next few months you may also seem my soap range diminish. This will also be cut down to the most popular varieties. Boutique baby!

Bath bombs . . . I have stopped making these. I love them, but they have a short shelf life (i.e. lose their fizz quite quickly), don't travel well (i.e. often get smashed up in transit), and while popular with some people, don't fly off the table/shelf, as many people don't seem to have baths. Cutting out the making of these gives me time to make more popular products like my soaps, lip balms, body butters and the ever popular body scrubs! So bath bombs are gone for now :(

So, a few changes, but most of you won't notice the difference!

Oh and I have also switched markets for the summer season! Summertime . . . I can be found at the Remarkables Market at Remarkables Park on Saturdays, 8:30am to 1pm. This means I can look after the locals!
Winter . . . I will be back down at the Earnslaw Park market to brave the cool winter months and make the tourists happy!
So I hope to see some of you here or there!

Kingston Flyer Gala Gala!!

Come see me! This Saturday in fabulous Kingston, for the Kingston Flyer Gala day!! Come get some orangutan friendly, clean & green soap, super nourishing body butters & lip balms, skin revitalising body scrubs & relaxing bath bombs and bath...
salts! Don't forget Soapernatural's alter ego, R.L. Blackhurst will also be there with her medieval fantasy book series, "The Wolves of Solomon" and "Wolf!" Something to read in that luxurious bath! Soapernatural has it all!!!!! See y'all there:)

Kingston Flyer Gala Day 29th September 2012

Pop-Up Market

Off to Lumsden tomorrow for the Pop-Up market! Always enjoy heading down south with Soapernatural goodies! Don't worry if it rains tomorrow, the market is in-doors at the Memorial Hall, so beat the rain and come and have a browse around some fantastic stalls!! See yous there ;)

Winter Extras!

Remarkables Mid-Winter Market
Soapernatural is on the move this winter, going to a few different markets and spreading the word of soap! Tomorrow, 30th of June, I shall be at the fab Remarkables Mid-Winter Market at Remarkables Park in Queenstown. This is always such a fun market to attend and with fresh produce, crafty crafts and tasty food up for grabs, how can anyone miss it!

Mind, Body and Soul!
Soapernatural will be at the new look Mind, Body and Soul Expo held this year in the Arts Centre on Stanley Street in Queenstown. Historically, this has been held in Arrowtown around the Autumn Festival, but has switched this year to Winter and the QT arts centre. Good stuff for the body and soul here, from body electricians to clairvoyents and of course humble soap makers. Be sure to check it out! It's for a good cause too, the Queestown cat rescue org. So brings some coins to donate to this worthy cause.

Hope to see some familiar face around over this weekend!

Hearts in Crafts & New Soap!

Well, for anyone who is interested . . .  Soapernatural and the Queenstown Creative Arts and Crafts market was on channel 7's "Hearts in Crafts" on Saturday 26th of May!! We had a groovie little feature near the end of the program. It was great for the market and for me!! Shame the weather couldn't have been nicer. But it was still a great day and Queenstown still looks fab! Here is the link below if you want to watch it back on demand on your computer!

New Soap!!! After many requests for a lavender soap, I have created "loads of lav," my version of a gorgeous natural lavender soap. I must admit, this is a classic soap for all lovers of handmade natural soapiness. Lavender is sooooooo soothing and has great skin cleansing abilities. This soap is made with local lavender essential oil, from Lowburn lavender farm, located in peaceful Cromwell, Otago. It is so wonderful to use a local lavender oil, and know the people who produce it!

Used by people for centuries, lavender essential oil has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties, great for easing insect bites and is a wonderful healing aid for many different types of skin infection. The beautiful scent is known to promote well being, relieving anxiety and stress and helping to relax you.

This lovely soap is un-coloured and is simply decorated with beautiful purple lavender buds, grown in Soapernatural's own garden! Talk about dreamy! Check it out now in the soap shop!!!

New Soap & other changes!

Hello lovers of all things soapy! Here is an update on some soapy changes.


Pagan has been one of my best selling soaps, but un fortunately my supplier no longer has the beautiful raspberry & patchouli fragrance that made this soap so special. Over the last few months I have experimented with different scents and have found that one in particular, "Mediterranean Fig" has put the sparkle back into "Pagan." So this will be the new smell of the soap. It is a lovely dreamy scent and fits in well with the theme of this special soap. let me know what you think of it!

Sage Magic

I have had a real dilemma with this one. While one of my favourites, it just didn't seem to be selling well. After a time I guessed it was something to do with the dark green colour of the soap. The beautiful fragrance I was using reacts with the rest of the soap ingredients (which often happens) and darkens the colour of it. I have spent the last few months experimenting with other fragrance, which don't react so badly, to produce a lighter coloured soap. I have also added healing oatmeal to it, to give it a special touch. However, after hearing from one of my customers that they loved the soap the way it was, I found mysef agreeing with them. The scent is too lovely to change, so Sage Magic has become Sage and Oatmeal Magic and will soon revert back to its original look and scent. I have made a batch and these will be ready in six weeks. For now, the Sage soaps are scented with lemongrass & sage and a different batch with an apple fragrance. If you order this soap and want the original "Autumn harvest" scent, then make sure you let me know, so I don't send you one of the others!

Well that is the soapy news for now. I have a new soap that I am about to release on the website, after testing it at my market stall. It has proved very popular . . . . more about that on the next post.
Until then, happy sudding!

Hearts in Crafts Filming

Fantastic day filming with Bronwyn, Tamsin and the groovacious Whitebait productions crew! Thanks for making it such fun guys! And thanks to all my buddies (you know who you are) who came down to say Hi to me yesterday! All in all a crackin' day!

Hearts in Crafts

Come on down to Earnslaw Park tomorrow and see Soapernatural get on TV as part of Whitebait productions "Hearts in Crafts!" They are doing a piece on QT market and are going to have a chat to yours truly about all things soapy and werewolfy!!! Hope Peter Jackson will be watching!! Soapernatural fans are invited to come down and tell the world about good skin love. Hope to see some familiar faces tomorrow!!


Okay! So some changes have been happening at Soapernatural . . . From the depths of my magical little soap lab, I have been evolving and changing recipes all in the name of becoming better!
So what has changed . . . .

Illipe butter

Firstly, a big ingredient change has been my substitution of cocoa butter for illipe butter. This butter is very similar to cocoa butter in many respects but it has some added advantages which I thought were great and also, I like to be different. Everybody uses cocoa butter, so now I am an illipe nut!
Illipe nuts come from a truly spectacular tree that is native to Southeast Asia and Borneo. It has a higher melting point than cocoa butter, so a little more stable in its solid form. It still easily melts, and is absobed, into the skin and has incredible moisturizing effects helping maintain the skin's elasticity. Illipe butter is also reputed to help heal sores and even mouth ulcers. In addition, the butter colour is very light, almost white, and this has been important for my new natural deodorants.

I decided that illipe butter would be great in my lips balms, especially for helping to heal, and ward off, cold sores and other sores that plague severely dry and cracked lips. Illipe butter would also be great in my body butters, with its super moisturising properties but ability to keep its form when exposed to higher temperatures. Illipe butter's almost white colouration has been also ideal for my deodorants. Cocoa butter has a yellowish colour and meant that it was liable to leave yellowish stains on white clothing, not ideal! However, I have not experienced this problem since using the illipe butter.

I think it is great, but let me know if you don't like it as much in your lip balms and body butters. It is important that you get as excited about these changes as me!

Hemp Oil

This one caught my eye recently and when I read up about it, I just knew that it had to substitute olive oil in my lip balms. Why? Well
it is anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, balances dry skin, fights skin inflammations, helps heal skin lesions, has antioxidants, and contains moisture balancing properties. But not only that, it has also been reputed to be effective as a broad-spectrum ultraviolet skin protector. I have lots of people ask me if my lip balms have sun screen in them. Now while I like to keep things simple, and only claim to offer lip nourishment and repair through my lip balms, I thought using hemp oil instead of olive oil could also protect the lips from sun damage. I can't prove this is the case, do not claim this as fact, and do not recommend slapping my lip balm on when you are on top of a mountain skiing! But as a day to day lip balm, it is a great oil to use if indeed it has some natural sunscreen properties. It is just a bonus.

The only thing is that it makes my lip balms look a little green, as it really is a deep green colour. But I like the colour and now with illipe butter aswell, my lip balms are lip smacking good. Feedback please!

Okay that is enough about evolution for now, as I don't want this post to be as long as Beowulf! I will add another post on evolution soon. This involves a couple of scent changes to my soaps . . . but more on that soon.

Back in Black!

Yes! Wow! After being cleaned ('cuse the pun) out of soap leading up to Christmas, and then getting knocked down by a killer cold, I am glad to say that both me and the soap are back! I will be down in the wonderful Earnslaw Park tomorrow for the Queenstown market, and off to Wanaka market on Sunday. After the brief cold snap let's hope that we have some beautiful summer days to enjoy at the markets. Oh and a message to Julie, I am working on a tropical soap . . . . thanks for the feedback :)
See ya'all at the market and watch this space, Soapernatural is on the move  . . .

Happy Christmas!!

Soapernatural would like to wish all customers and friends the happiest of Christmasses and all the best for the new year! 2012 will see super stocks of soap and assurances that I shall not run out again!

My natural "aluminium free" deodorant has proved to be a big hit, with people growing ever more conscious and wary of the nasties they are putting on their skin. So Soapernatural deodorants will be back in the New Year, after my successful test run. I am now trying to source some good deodorant tubes and figuring out the best way to offer these products in the most "Earth friendly" way possible!

Thanks to the support of my customers and all your feedback, Soapernatural is endeavouring to make a wider range of natural products. I really want to master the shampoo/conditioner thing. Having the most fine and flyaway hair know to human kind, I reckon that if I can find something that suits my hair, I will have cracked it. watch this space . .

2012 is going to be an exciting year for Soapernatural, and I can't wait to introduce some new products to you all in the new year. In the meantime, have a wonderful festive season and I hope all your friends and family enjoy the Soapernatural goodies you have bought for them!!!

Before I go . . .  check out this lovely little video promoting my friend's shop and label. I took down some Soapernatural goodies for her to sell and display. I don't do wholesale, but good friends are the exception! Enjoy!

Lady Knuckles Pop Up Emporium


New Product!

Will be in QT tomorrow, with MANY of my other products to make up for my lack of soap! NEW EDITION: Soapernatural deodorant; a natural, "aluminium free" way to make you smell clean and fresh, whilst nourishing your underarms. Stop putting harmful chemicals on your skin and check out my deodorants tomorrow!!! Body scrubs, body butters, lip balms, bath salts, bath bombs, face masks and my new deodorants will be in plentiful supply . . . . see ya'all tomoz xx

Soap Crisis!

Soapernatural has been caught out and currently is unable to supply any soap. Owing to overwhelming demand, stocks are low and as soap takes four - six weeks to cure, it is impossible to get soap levels back up immediately. I am a lone soaper, and my soap stock has been decimated!

A lesson learnt, I am now busy making heaps of soap so this tragedy is avoided in the future. Thank you to all my customers who have caused this soap crisis. I am so glad you love the soap!

Huge apologies to all for any inconvenience caused. I know it is Christmas and not a good time to be running out of soap. All my other products, however, are available. I will let you know as soon as soap is ready.

Cracking couple of days . . . but Invercargill Sunday market misses out . . .

OMG! Just virtually sold out of EVERYTHING at the Southern Artisan's Fete today! Also had a cracking day at Festive Fete yesterday at Olssen's Vineyard. Soapernatural is cleaned out (excuse the pun)! Even books are thin on the ground . . . . Sadly, no can do the Invercargill market tomorrow :( Apologies to anyone looking for me there. Anyone who needs anything from me, let me know. I will be very busy this week re-stocking . . . . very busy . . . .

Festive Fete at Olssen's Vineyard, Bannockburn

The weather looks to be a belter tomorrow! Looking forward to a great market day, hope to see some familiar faces there!

Soapernatural upcoming markets & fetes

Soapernatural will be in Riversdale tonight for the annual evening "Christmas shopping" market at the community centre. This is a new one for me, but as my mission this year is to spread the love of soapernatural suds to Southland & Central Otago, I am pretty much going to every event I can.

I shall be in Queenstown this Saturday, in my usual spot, and then will be getting ready for a big weekend at the beginning of December, with the Festival Fete at Olssens Vineyard in Bannockburn on Friday the 2nd, the Southern Artisans Fete at The Hideaway in Winton on Saturday the 3rd and my regular spot at the fantastic Invercargill Sunday market at the Masonic Hall in Forth Street on Sunday the 4th.

Phew! That'll be a weekend to remember I am certain. Make sure you catch up with me at one or all of these events! In the meantime the soap must go on, so I am off to get all packed up and ready for Riversdale tonight!

where the soap is . . . .

Well it was a fabulous day in Kingston last Saturday to celebrate the re-launch of the Kingston Flyer. Great to see the Flyer back on track and see so many people enjoying it! Great also to meet some new soapernatural customers and have some regular ones return for more goodies.
Well I hope the weather sorts itself out for tomorrow! Will be back in Queenstown this weekend in my regular spot.
Looking forward to having a great weekend with my fellow marketeers in both Queenstown (Sat), down at Earnslaw Park, and Invercargill (Sun), at the Masonic Lodge in Forth Street. See ya'll over the weekend.

Kingston Flyer!

Soapernatural will be in its home town of Kingston tomorrow for the opening of the Kingston Flyer!! Looking forward to seeing our train back on the tracks! Kingston has missed it and thanks to the new owner and some determined locals, who never lost faith, she's back tomorrow . . . . full steam ahead! Soapernatural won't be at Earnslaw Park but will be down in Kingston with soap on hand for our sooty engine drivers and steam enthusiasts. I shall be introducing some great new scents too; cucumber & mint, sandalwood & orange plus raspberry & guava. Will be back in QT next Saturday :) Here is hoping for some great weather for us all!

"Taste Queenstown"

Well another cracking weekend in QT for the last of the "Taste Queenstown" event. Sad to find out that the beautiful willow trees on Earnslaw Park are going to be chopped down because "they're in the way." So many people were sat under them this weekend enjoying the shade they provided. I feel a petition coming on . . .
On a happier note . . . Well done to the ABs for bringing the cup to NZ!!! A nail biting finish but a great game, well done boys. The icing on the cake to a great weekend!

Looking forward to being in Kingston this Saturday for the re-opening of the historic Kingston Flyer! Should be a fantastic day.

spreading the love of suds . . .

Hello soap lovers!

As I attend markets and fetes on a weekly basis, the main purpose of my blog is to keep you, my customers, up to date with where I am going to be and when!

I will also be able to let you know of any specials I have on, and any new products I have made. All new things I make, I trial through my market stall. Products and new soaps that prove popular will then make it onto the website!

This weekend I will be down in beautiful Queenstown, on both Saturday and Sunday, for the last weekend of the "Taste Queenstown Festival." Looking forward to another great weekend, with my fellow marketeers, some good weather and the opportunity to introduce soapernatural products to some new people!

So, customers old and new . . .   I will be down at Earnslaw Park, from 9am to 4pm this Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of October. I'll see you there!

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